Corium’s facility was purpose built by Corium in in 1985. The factory consists of three main areas for cattle hide processing specifically: salting, trimming & packing, storage. A separate area and separate equipment including a state of the art calf chain, is reserved for the processing of calf skins.

During 2011 the factory was totally refurbished and refitted:

  • Modern liquid waste treatment and disposal equipment was installed
  • Electric power was upgraded to cater for increasing equipment demands
  • Rainwater is harvested and stored in 6 x 25,000 litre tanks. No reticulated potable water is used in any of Corium’s processes

Corium enjoys approximately 1500m2 of hard stand area for ease of truck loading and unloading. Approximately twenty containers can be stored on site.

Drum Salting

Corium has installed new drumming equipment of various sizes and specifications to accommodate the processing requirements for hides and skins of different species and of different sizes.

Agitation speed, salt type, chemical additives, agitation time, optimal load limits, moisture content, blade size, dry or wet salting, are some of the variables which are addressed to optimise quality.

Corium’s has a large processing capacity.

Short Term Preservation

Corium utilises refrigeration and chilling for the short term preservation of hides and skins. These techniques are suitable for transporting within Australia.